British Craft Trade Fair

I'm busy preparing for The British Craft Trade Fair at the moment. Theres lots of constructing, sanding and painting going on. I've designed a full new stand and it's slowly coming together. My bedroom has been taken over! I'm going for the minimal look with plain table tops and trestle legs. I'm so excited to set up and there's only 2 weeks to go.

I exhibited at BCTF for the first time last year, it was my first trade show and was quite daunting. I went along with all sorts of price lists, images and press releases, very unsure of what to expect. I even took my printer with me and spent most evenings printing out literature in my hotel room.

This year I feel much more prepared. My price lists, postcards and press releases are almost complete and I won't be taking the printer as backup! I exhibited at CRAFT, London in January, a new trade show at Earls Court. It was quite different to BCTF but I received a lot of interest in my work got some orders from galleries and shops too. I'm hoping that BCTF will be the same.

If you're coming along to the show please come and say hello. For now I'm back to painting...

A working progress 

A working progress