Synchronise Exhibition

Clare Gage Ceramics

Clare Gage Ceramics

On Friday I went to a networking day for Design Factory Members. It was held in Sleaford at The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Its a 2.5 hour drive for me and as I was passing through Chesterfield I decided to pick up Clare Gage on my way. Clare creates porcelain tableware a little like myself and is inspired by textiles.


After completeing my first year of uni I did a work placement with Clare to learn more about her practice and running a ceramics business. I learnt so much and am very grateful to her for the opportunity.

We had a great catch up on the way there and after getting quite lost arrived at NCCD. 

I have been a member of Design Factory, who provide support for designer-makers, since December 2012 but hadn't yet joined in with any of their activities.

We arrived to a talk by Hayley, Clare & Rachel about their plans for the future and how Design Factory can support their members. We also had a chance to say what we would like from the company.

Patricia Van Der Akker, founder of The Design Trust then gave a talk about Successful Creative Collaborations. The Design Trust help people to start, run and develop a successful craft or design business. They are an online business school and provide a lot of articles, blogs & videos which I've found very helpful for my business.

"Create a business that suits you."

10 Tips for Creative Collaborations:

1. Be honest- what do you want to get out of it?

2. You might get something different than what you planned for.

3. Know yourself- know your strengths & weaknesses.

4. Start with respect & curiosity- begin in the way that you hope to continue.

5. Its not just the what, its the how too- how are you going to collaborate not necessarily what are you going to make.

6. Focus on both the similarities & differences.

7. Your own plan vs the unknown and uncertain journey- which do you feel more attracted to?

8. Its an ongoing journey- its good to start with a small project and see if you can build on it from there. Don't jump striaght into a project.

9. New technology can help- send images, Skype, twitter.

10. Conflict is part of creation. 

After the talk we had a networking session over food and drinks and then it was the preview evening for 'Synchronise: Creating Craft Collaborations"

"20 members of Design Factory have embraced the challenge to collaborate with each other in order to stimulate exciting developments within their own creative practices, encourage skill-sharing and create new work specifically for this exhibition."