Australian Adventure

As many of you may know, I spent a few months away from the studio over Christmas... quite far away actually. I traveled the East and South Coast of Australia. It’s something I had always wanted to do after never taking that obligatory gap year before or after uni.

An opportunity arose and I took it. It means that I had to put my business on hold for a few months but being self-employed (and having some very understanding customers) allowed for that.

Before I left in October I stocked up all of my 18 galleries and stockists allowing my customers a way to still purchase their Christmas gifts, and perhaps come across some other artists on their trips to the galleries.

I traveled to Australia at the end of October with my parents. We flew to Brisbane and spent two weeks traveling down the East Coast before flying to Port Lincoln to spend some time with family who migrated there many years ago.

The South Coast had to be one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to and provided a lot of inspiration for my work. We visited an abundance of coastlines and beaches, the colours of the ocean were like nothing I’ve seen before.

After a month had passed I waved goodbye to the family and flew to meet one of my oldest friends in Melbourne. After spending a few days exploring the city we flew to Cairns to begin our ‘East Coast Adventure’.

I never thought staying in hostels, or backpackers as they’re known over there, would suit me but it really did. It was a fantastic way to meet new people from all over the world and I've come home with a new friend in almost every country... and lots of friends from Essex.

Our action packed remaining 6 weeks involved diving with Great White Sharks, sky diving, white water rafting, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, kayaking, surfing, exploring islands, spending days on a boat, hot air ballooning and visiting a beach almost every day. My idea of heaven! 

Now I've returned I've quickly settled back into the studio and have been stocking up my galleries. I've also been working on a new collection which will be launched shortly. I've been planning my events for the year and will be returning to lots of my previous shows in 2015.

One of my favourite spots in Oz. The Lighthouse at Byron Bay.

One of my favourite spots in Oz. The Lighthouse at Byron Bay.

New Designers Top Picks

New Designers: graduate design exhibition.
Below are some photos of my top picks from the show.

Alex Kenwrick Patterson

Judit Penzes

Aimee Bollu
Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Decorative Arts


Jongjin Park

Paige Louise Olivia


Louise Richardson
Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Decorative Arts

Jane Kidall

Laurie B Grimwade

Gemma Louise Taylor


Emily Stapleton Jefferis
Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Decorative Arts

Katherine Lees
One Year On

Hilary Mayo
One Year On


Rebecca E Smith


Melody Vaughan
Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Decorative Arts

Quick update

Don't forget you can keep up to date with all of our happenings on our Facebook & Twitter using the links below:

Our next event is the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey, Devon 6th-8th June

BCTF- almost there!

This week has seen a whole lot of preparation for British Craft Trade Fair. The show opens on Sunday 6th April 2014 with setup on Saturday so I've been very busy!

My stand is almost complete and I'm currently sat here waiting for paint to dry. I always find it a good idea to create a mock up of my stand before arriving at the show, it makes set up so much quicker and easier. My stand is 2 x 1m and the only space I could find in the house with floor space and a right angled bare wall was in my bedroom. So the takeover began...

A preview of my stand plan for BCTF 

A preview of my stand plan for BCTF 

I took a trip to IKEA at the beginning of March to purchase most of my display for the show. I was so excited to try everything out that I built the stand in my bedroom about 3 weeks ago and it's been there ever since! It'll be great to finally pack it all down tomorrow and get my room back.

I've tried out lots of different arrangements for my stand and the work on it. The photo above shows the layout a few days ago, it's altered slightly since then but gives you a great idea of what to expect.



My dad has been really helpful and built some lovely wooden panels to display work and my press clippings on the walls.


Large Seasalt Bowls- mint, teal & aqua

Large Seasalt Bowls- mint, teal & aqua

A preview of the 'press panel'

A preview of the 'press panel'


I'm officially launching my Large Seasalt Bowls at BCTF. This will be the first chance for trade buyers to purchase them so they'll be available in shops & galleries soon. I've pre-launched a limited number on my website- take a look if you're interested. 

I'm very excited about the show and after what seems like weeks of planning I can't wait for set up on Saturday!

A Photo A Day

Towards the beginning of the year I decided to set myself a task: Take a photo of what I am doing each day and post it on to Facebook.

I quickly realised that this may get a bit boring for days spent sat at my laptop so my 'photo a day' challenge changed to '2014 at Brittany Delany Ceramics' and so far contains 30 images. It's a great insight into my business and the day to day life of being a ceramicist. Take a look at the album here.

British Craft Trade Fair

I'm busy preparing for The British Craft Trade Fair at the moment. Theres lots of constructing, sanding and painting going on. I've designed a full new stand and it's slowly coming together. My bedroom has been taken over! I'm going for the minimal look with plain table tops and trestle legs. I'm so excited to set up and there's only 2 weeks to go.

I exhibited at BCTF for the first time last year, it was my first trade show and was quite daunting. I went along with all sorts of price lists, images and press releases, very unsure of what to expect. I even took my printer with me and spent most evenings printing out literature in my hotel room.

This year I feel much more prepared. My price lists, postcards and press releases are almost complete and I won't be taking the printer as backup! I exhibited at CRAFT, London in January, a new trade show at Earls Court. It was quite different to BCTF but I received a lot of interest in my work got some orders from galleries and shops too. I'm hoping that BCTF will be the same.

If you're coming along to the show please come and say hello. For now I'm back to painting...

A working progress 

A working progress 

Social Media Frenzy

I'm making a conscious effort to pen some development time into my diary over the next couple of months. This means I should be fairly quiet on the news front but I'll keep you up to date with developments as they happen, including details of my latest commissions (I can't revel them until they have been given as gifts).

I've just started a 'photo a day' task on my Facebook page. It's a great way to get an insight into how I run my business and what goes on on a day to day basis. So far we've had a glaze explosion in the studio, a trip to Nottingham and a sneak peak of some new colours! If you aren't already feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too. Links are below.

thin crop.jpg

January so far...

Since 1843: In The Making, Nottingham

Since 1843: In The Making, Nottingham

It's the start of a very busy New Year.

As you may know I have been chosen to take part in the Crafts Council Hothouse programme which started on 7th January at RIBA, London. We spent the day getting to know one another and learning more about the programme.  The following day I travelled to Nottingham for the opening of the Alumni Exhibition 'Since 1843: In The Making'. To celebrate 170 years of Art & Design 100 alumni of the school of art & design have been invited to exhibit there work throughout the university buildings. My work is in the Newton Building alongside Anna Colette Hunt, Louise Hall & many others.

Hothouse training for the East Midlands Cohort resumed over the following two days at The Hive, Nottingham's business incubation centre. We covered topics such as time management, designing our future & business modelling. I knew my time on the hothouse programme would be well spent but I didnt realise how valuable and informative the sessions would be. I feel like I have learnt so much already and the programme is already influencing my practice in so many ways. 


After the session on the 10th January I travelled back to London to begin my preparations for CRAFT. This new trade show running alongside Top Drawer & HOME is a long overdue addition to the trade event calendar. I applied for a joint stand alongside other Design Factory makers, with 15 of us in total it was set to be a great show. The first day saw lots of trade visitors including galleries, shops, interior designers, press and chefs and the following days continued in the same manner. It really was a fantastic show and following my return I spent a few days getting in touch with the contacts I had met. I have received some orders already and have a lot of interesting plans in the pipeline. Just a few months to prepare for my next trade show now BCTF, Harrogate. I'm planning my new stand design already... watch this space!


Friday 17th marked my first day in the studio of 2014, I spent the day working on orders received from CRAFT and some of my previously stocked galleries. Today I returned to continue with these orders but ideas for a commission piece soon came spilling out and I was in full flow. I spent most of the day working on this commission and have come up with some exciting new (large!) products.

I'll be returning to the studio on Monday to work on my orders and continue to jot down my ideas for all things new.

2014 is set to be a very good year!

Merry Christmas!

With only one week to go until Christmas I've been very busy with orders. I launched my new online store yesterday through this website and received my first 4 orders almost immediately. All items listed have free postage and if you sign up to my mailing list (via the contacts page here) you can receive another little treat too.

Star Decorations S&A.jpg

Next year is already proving to be busy, I have two trade fairs and a few Summer shows already planned. The first is CRAFT in Earls Court, London. This trade fair is in its first year and runs alongside HOME and TOP DRAWER from 12th- 14th January 2014.

In April I will be exhibiting at British Craft Trade Fair again. It was a great event for me last year and I'm really looking forward to returning.


I received some very exciting news recently, I have been selected as a Hothouse 4 maker. (You might notice that the logo has popped up on my website) Hothouse is a prestigious business mentoring programme run by the Crafts Council providing business and creative support. For more details see: This programme starts in January and runs for 6 months.

hothouse logo.jpg

My next exhibition is taking place at Nottingham Trent University, I have been invited to show my work in the Alumni exhibition 'Since 1843: In The Making'. The exhibition runs from 10th January- 16th February 2014 and I will be attending the preview evening on 8th January. For more details please see the website:

The Great Northern


Last weekend I was exhibiting at the 'Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair' in Spinningfields, Manchester. It was my first time as an exhibitor after visiting for the past 4 or 5 years. It was great to do a local show and I was able to make lots of new contacts. 

The organisers of the Great Northern have been running 'Little Northern' shows in schools across Cheshire. They feature a selection of the Great Northern artists in one day events. The next Little Northern is at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys on 8th December... So if you missed the Great Northern or just fancy picking up some more Christmas shopping, it's definitely not one to be missed!


Take a look at my other upcoming shows on the following page: /upcomingevents/ I've got a busy few months ahead! 


Heres some photos from the Great Northern: 

The Taxidermy Collection

The Seasalt Collection together with its feature in Coast magazine

Brittany Delany Ceramics Stand complete! 

The hanging decorations, very popular in the run up to Christmas!

Pendant necklaces, the perfect Christmas treat! 


Some of the other exhibitors who's work and stands I loved: 


Kate creates 3D illustrations of birds using paper. I just had to give one of her fun and quirky owls a new home.

Jill Shaddock
I've admired Jill's ceramics for quite some time. Also based in Manchester she slip-casts in layers to create beautiful simple forms.

Suet Yi Ceramics

Suet Yi graduated in the year above me and her colourful ceramics have always fascinated me... I'm developing quite a collection! 

The First Of Many

Today marks our 1st Birthday! It's one whole year since Brittany Delany Ceramics started business on the 1st October 2012.

This time last year I was getting ready for my first show, Lustre. SInce then I have exhibited at 14 shows including being invited back to New Designers as part of One Year On, a great accomplishment for the business. Brittany Delany Ceramics have been stocked in a total of 15 galleries and are now selling online through Seek & Adore. With regards to press, pieces from the Taxidermy & Seasalt ranges have recently been published in two magazines and I had a mention in The Independent online earlier in the year.

Over the last year I have purchased a kiln, a lathe, a spray booth, numerous bags of clay & what seems like hundreds of buckets of slip.   

Although I didn't anticipate the amount of time and hard work I would have to put into my business, it has been very rewarding and I am so glad that I took the leap. 

I have recently begun teaching an adult course in Ceramics at my old sixth form college. Teaching is something I'd like to get into in the future alongside my practice and I'm really enjoying passing on what I have learnt to others. 

My plans for the next year include developing new ranges of work (for which I have lots of ideas) and purchasing more machinery. I will be attending two major trade fairs early next year and will be returning to many of the craft fairs I have attended previously, along with some new ones. I plan to stock a wider range of galleries across the country and will shortly be selling my work through my website too.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has supported me over the last year. My family & friends for coming along to every one of my shows and making me their only supplier of giftware for the foreseeable future. The galleries that stock my work, in particular Bils & Rye the first gallery to have faith in my products and continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm and support. My university tutors for all of the technical help they have provided. And last but not least my loyal customers for loving my products and supporting my business.

Heres to a successful second year! 


Small Aqua Seasalt Bowls

Small Aqua Seasalt Bowls

Latest Updates & News

I've been meaning to write this blog post for quite some time but its been gradually moving down my 'to do' list. Its been a busy few months for me, preparations for New Designers and gallery orders all seemed to come at once. So heres what I've been up to... 


New Designers: One Year

26th-29th June 2013

What a fantastic show. After lots of preparation I arrived in London ready for an exciting week at One Year On. It exceeded all of my expectations, I made some great new contacts and caught up with some old ones too. It was great to exhibit alongside other designers one year into their business and the standard of work was very high.

I launched my Seasalt range at the show and got lots of positive feedback on my pieces. The most popular product was my Seasalt necklaces... which I sold out of! Better get making!



Fabulous Places

7th July 2013

After returning from ND I had one week to prepare for The Fabulous Places Summer Market held at The Roundhouse in Derby.It was a great venue and a very busy event! After battl;ing with the idea of having a round table to display on (a new one for me) I was very happy with the way the stand looked and lots of my pieces found a new home. 


Click & Collect

I have been selected by Craft Finder as a #click&collect maker. 

The competition allows one lucky winner to choose £100 worth of craft from a selected maker (including me!) Its all explained on the link here and its easy to enter, all you have to do is create a collection of pieces of work that you like. Good luck!




My next exhibition is STRUKK at APG Works in Sheffield. Its a 'carefully curated selling exhibition, inviting both trade and discerning members of the public to view, buy and order excellent, high quality craft and design.' Work will include metalwork and Jewellery, fashion, ceramics, woodwork, illustration, print design and fine art. Find out more details on the 'Upcoming Events' page of my website. You're more than welcome to visit.


One Week 'til One Year On

With less than a week to go until New Designers I've been very busy with the final preparations. You may have noticed a few new products popping up on my website over the past few days. The 'Seasalt' range will be officially launched at One Year On and I'm eagerly awaiting the publics reaction. 

If you haven't been to New Designers before you're missing out! Its the exhibition for emerging design and showcases the work of the top graduates from uni's across the country. One Year On is an exhibition within the show promoting the work of 25 designer-makers one year into their business.

I exhibited last year with Nottingham Trent BA (Hons) Decorative Arts and I am honoured to have been selected for One Year On on the strength of my products. 

ND is held at The Business Design Centre, Islington, London from 26th-29th June 2013.  I will be keeping you up to date during the show via twitter and Facebook. If you're in the London area it would be great to see you there!

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NTU Degree Shows

This past year has flown by and once again its time for the degree shows at Nottingham Trent University. Just one year ago I was presenting my work and so much has happened since. I have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the degree show and viewing the work of the 'new' Decorative Arts graduates.

My first stop was the Notch pop up shop. As part of the course, Dec Arts students are encouraged to open a retail outlet, a platform for selling their work. Its a great experience and I certainly learnt a lot from it. The location of this years shop is perfect, right in the centre of the Lace Market, in the same building as the Photography degree show.

Notch pop up shop

Notch pop up shop


After a stroll around Nottingham it was time to go to the private view. I popped into the Bonington Building first to visit the Textile Design show in the gallery. There were two students who's work I particularly like:

Natalie Wilkins- Textile & Fashion Accessory Designer Natalies 'Mystery of the Manor House' neckpieces really caught my eye with their reference to historic opulence and taxidermy.

Natalie Wilkins- Textile & Fashion Accessory Designer

Natalies 'Mystery of the Manor House' neckpieces really caught my eye with their reference to historic opulence and taxidermy.

Ellie Walton- Printed Textile Designer Ellie's 'Saddle up' range is right on trend for Autumn/WInter 2014. I love the use of accent colour and her display using saddle racks.

Ellie Walton- Printed Textile Designer

Ellie's 'Saddle up' range is right on trend for Autumn/WInter 2014. I love the use of accent colour and her display using saddle racks.


Now on to Dec Arts 'Notch'...

All 53 of the students and their work

All 53 of the students and their work


Bona Cheon

"It's not only nature that inspires me."

Beth Lewton
"Interaction and simplicity is the aim of the game."

Rebecca Davey

"Fashion, nature, structure, layering, manipulation, texture, laser cut, digital and screen print."


Hollie Goodwin
"Hand embroidered lighting inspired by famous texts."

Matthew Rollings
"Drawing inspiration from historic references, my work combines traditional and innovative techniques to create modern conceptual menswear accessories."


Elizabeth Hart 

"Sculptural ceramic garden ware with a focus on texture and pattern."

Mark Sellars

"Exploring unconventional ceramic design influenced by geometry. Bold and visually striking pieces, with an aim to convey a 'sharp' quality."

Máire Condron

"Materials driven, functional homeware products."


Kasha Musialowska
"Because less is more..."

Marty Devine

"Special thank you to Stuart Akroyd. WIthout him none of this would be possible."


I'd highly recommend a visit to the NTU degree shows, the standard of work is very high and its the perfect place to spot new talent.

A big congratulations to all of the graduates.

Fairs, New Products & Blog Mentions

I havent written a blog post for quite some time. I've been extremely busy making in preparation for my upcoming shows. I've also had quite a few gallery orders to send so have been preparing work for these too.

Yesterday I exhibited at The Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at Cheadle Hulme School. You may have noticed that I've been doing a few of these fairs recently. They have been set up by the organisers of the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair which takes place in Spinningfields, Manchester in October every year. These 'little' fairs allow a selection of the exhibitors from the larger event to showcase their work and sell directly to the public. They are fantastic events and of course the standard of work is always very high.

The Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 19th May 2013

The Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 19th May 2013

NEW: tiny sea salt bowls

I have recently been working on a new range, incorporating colour into my work. Its been a very exciting new step for me and I have been developing colours over the past few months. Combined with a white glaze I have created my new Sea Salt range of blues & greens. I have also been working on new shapes, including small bowls & vessels and my biggest pieces yet!

This range is set to be launched at New Designers at the end of June but I have taken a few smaller pieces along to the Little Northern fairs to gauge public reaction. They have been really popular and its been great to get feedback on them.

I'd also like to draw your attention to two lovely blog posts which I came across about my work at the fair yesterday.


Sian runs the interior design company 'Morgeous' who make homes more than gorgeous. She bought one of my tealight holders which has found a new home on the mantlepiece in her bedroom and shes also written a wonderful blog post about #LNCCF.

Click on the image to view the full post.


Kirsty is a self-taught sewer who inspires others through her helpful tutorials on her blog. Her posts are well worth a read, especially her one about the #LNCCF yesterday.

Click on the image to view the full post.

The full range of Sea Salt product including a range of bowls & small vessels will be launched at New Designers: One Year On Part One, 26th-29th June at the Business Design Centre, Islington. I hope to see you there! And for now, I'm back to the studio.


I exhibited at the second Little Northern Contemporary Craft fair on Sunday. It was a fantastic fair, I met lots of new customers (and some old ones too). I really would recommend a visit, the quality of work is very high. My coaster sets were my best selling items and I've got lots of making to do before the next fair at Cheadle Hulme School on Sunday 19th May. See you there!

Flow Gallery

A gallery so good it deserves its own blog post!

On my trip to London last week for the New Designers One Year On prepare day I also managed to pop into a couple of galleries. I had never visited Flow before and have only recently come across it. Based in Notting Hill, its close to Portobello Road and was established in 1999 so I'm unsure as to why I've only just discovered it.

Flow features contemporary crafts and applied arts including ceramics, glass, wood, metal, jewellery & textiles. It also runs six exhibitions a year. Their current exhibition 'Forming Words' was based on how form and structure can be influenced by text.


Bethan Lloyd Worthington

Jonathan Boyd

Hanne Mannheimer

Hilary Mayo My new favouirte artist. I absolutely love Hilary's work and can't believe I havent come across it sooner. She handbuilds the pieces using stoneware and porcelain paper clay. Some of HIlarys work is similar to mine and I love her use of rusty nails... something I have experimented with in the past. 

Hilary Mayo
My new favouirte artist. I absolutely love Hilary's work and can't believe I havent come across it sooner. She handbuilds the pieces using stoneware and porcelain paper clay. Some of HIlarys work is similar to mine and I love her use of rusty nails... something I have experimented with in the past. 

hilary mayo 2.jpg
3. MAYO.jpg

The gallery had so much work I liked that I found it hard to choose my favourites. I've added a few images of pieces which really caught my eye but I really would recommend having a look at their website and visiting if you get the chance. 

Its a must visit on my list of London galleries.


1-5 Needham Road, London, W11 2RP 
Tel: +44 (0)20 7243 0782

One Year On: Ahead of Time


I'm writing this on a very busy train home from London. After relocating myself to a less crowded carriage, I've realised that I now don't have use of a plug socket and will be running out of battery shortly.


I exhibited with Nottingham Trent at New Designers in 2012 and recently found out that I had been invited back as part of 'One Year On'. New designers is a platform for new graduating artists and is highly attended by top galleries and industry professionals.

Jethro Macey

Jethro Macey

My work will be featured in the OYO exhibition curated by Jethro Macey, furniture, products & interiors designer. 

"One Year On is a destination feature within New Designers that presents young, entrepreneurial designers who are in their first year of business." (ND, 2013)

Its a great opportunity to attend such a prestigious event again.


The exhibition takes place over two weeks and in two parts in June and July. Part 1, in which im exhibiting, is the 26th-29th June and features textiles, fashion & accessories, contemporary applied arts & jewellery & precious metalwork. 

Today's prepare day begin with an introduction & exhibition overview by Isobel Dennis the event director. Later in the day Isobel also gave advice on pricing and costing products.

Patricia Van Den Akker from the Design Trust then discussed The Four Stages of Preparing For an Exhibition including preparation, setting up, doing the show & after the show. The Design Trust are also providing webinars leading up to the exhibition and are sponsoring the One Year On award.

Past exhibitor Louise Tiler spoke about her experience as part of one year on, how to prepare and what to expect. 

Four Colman Getty are doing the PR for the event and explained how they can support and promote us leading up to the event.

Louise Tiler

The moment we had all been waiting for... Jethro Macey spoke about his plans for the curation of OYO and gave advice on presentation. We were able to look around the space and given some ideas on how it may look.

Alex Brownless from Arts Thread, an organisation linked to ND explained how to get the most from your online portfolio. Alex also spoke at the Crafts Council Hothouse event I attended in Nottingham a few months ago.

The day ended with networking over a glass of wine. I was able to meet other exhibitors and discuss our plans for the exhibition. 

Heres some of the other exhibitors work:

Ben Esthop

Sophie Alice Hirsch

Cristina Zani

Samantha Donaldson


Ruthin Craft Centre


I spent this weekend in North Wales and due to the rainy weather I decided to come home early today. I’ve never been to Ruthin Craft Centre but have heard a lot about it and have been meaning to visit for a while.

The retail gallery was great, my type of gallery as there was a lot of ceramics! There was also jewellery, glass, metalwork & textiles. They had some wonderful work, I jotted down a few names and I’ve added photos of the artists' work below (sorry they're all ceramics).

Lowri Davies, whos work I have admired for a while, sells through the shop. I remmeber visiting her stand at Ceramic Art London a few years ago and I've liked her work ever since. She has pieces in my favourite gallery 'The Otherist' in Amsterdam. 

I've also seen James & Tilla Waters' ceramics before but I cant quite remember where. Although they're quite masculine I really like their use of colour and line.

James & Tilla Waters

Lowri Davies

Unfortunately most of the artists studios were closed as its a Sunday but we had a look through the windows. The Café R restaurant was very busy!

There were two exhibtions on. The Wonderful World of Rodney Peppe is a collection of hand crafted models and toys, very playful and colourful. Gallery 2 exhibitied the work of Gillian Lowndes, a fine art ceramicist who creates collages.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to Ruthin and I’ll be going back in a few months to see their new exhibitions.

Here are some of the artists' photos...

Peter Wills

Christine Jones

Andrew Wicks